Feline and Strange – The Extraterrestrial Sound


Feline and Strange are two Berlin based musicians who hail, originally, from outer space and specialize in their own unique genre of electro-wave cabaret. Whilst their sound borrows much of its aesthetic from classical compositions Feline and Strange mould it to their own electro-punk style.

The duo’s new album Out is a collection of ‘aggressive and depressive’ tracks that epitomise their style. Written by Feline in a fortnight, these eleven momentous songs give an insight to the world around Feline as she wrote: Germany turned from a country welcoming refugees with benevolent, open arms to a country at the center of a political hate crisis. Although, Feline did not draw her inspiration solely from this issue. Feline and Strange’s music stands aloof, drawing upon human emotions, political and feminist issues to achieve its sound.

Feline and Strange use their music to take their audiences on a tantalising yet unpredictable sonic journey. The pair shift between styles without warning, the outcome is a jarring but electrifying listening experience which places the audience in a state of uncertainty and intrigue, they cannot help but ponder “What will Feline and Strange do next?”

The multi-talented duo consist of Feline Lang who has experience as an opera and tango singer/director as well as being a multi-media artist and pianist, and Christoph Klemke, a punk drummer, sound designer, percussionist and orchestra cellist, together the pair produce a unique musical sound that pushes musical boundaries and screams experimentation.

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