Japanese Fighting Fish are ‘Swimming with Piranhas’ in their new savage release!

Have a listen to this metallic glitter… Japanese Fighting Fish, four lads who anchor their boat in London, are bringing fun back to rock with their electrifying new album ‘Swimming with Piranhas’, plunging us knee-deep into ferocious riffs then pulling us out again with soaring vocals from frontman Karlost.  ‘Swimming with Piranhas’ doesn’t sound like […]

Metal Invasion from Russia Mechanical Man set to release Debut Album

Quoted by webzine Prog Sphere as an album that “is comprised of everything an album must include, and that is energy, powerful performance, melody, [and] well-thought songwriting” Mechanical Man’s eight track release moves between the spheres of traditional heavy metal aggression and melodic experimentalism as epitomised by the eponymous opening track ‘Mechanical Man’. Since their […]