Five O Five – The Italian Arctic Monkeys?

Where They Bring Sophie is the guitar led, attitude heavy, single by alternative indie-rock band Five O Five, made up of 18 year old Piero (guitar/lead vocals), Andrea (drums), Riccardo (bass) and Alessandro (keyboards). These four boys  have departed from their nice,  but confining seaside town on the East coast of Italy, to create a musical style that’s completely atypical in comparison to the dreary and repetitive mainstream songs in their area. Despite their youth Five O Five are making huge musical headway and in doing so are showing how Europe still has a key role to play in the world of rock-centric music.

Piero and Andrea met in school at 14 and it wasn’t long after their first encounter the pair took to making music together. After a while, and a series of changes to the bands line up, Riccardo joined, despite having brought his first bass guitar only a month prior – a testament to the immense, natural talent of Five O Five. After approximately a year of acting as a three piece, Alessandro joined Five O Five, contributing a new layer of musical sound to the group.

Five O Five have recently finished recording their debut album @Y&! with producer Giuseppe Fiori and are on the cusp of releasing it. Five O Five offer a brew of garage, indie-rock seasoned with elements of Pop and Electro. Where They Bring Sophie begins with an intense guitar riff which is quickly joined by an animated drum beat and Five O Five’s vocals, setting the tone for their energetic, rock-infused sound.  The instrumental accompaniments of this track, as well as Five O Five’s gritty vocals create a musical sound reminiscent of bands like the Arctic Monkeys.

Arctic Monkeys fans and fans of indie-rock in general are bound to enjoy the sound of Five O Five, find out more about them below:


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