Rihanna, Anti, album review: ‘Rihanna without the hits’

“I got to do things my own way darling,” announces Rihanna on the opening track of her long-awaited eighth album, Anti. So, are you ready for Rihanna’s experimental phase? She has been the plastic pop queen of the last decade, the malleable, sex-pot superstar whose role was to lend her potent vocals and sassy charisma […]

on the move – Richard Rhys O’Brien

Glitter Or Litter?! Glitter! On the move is one of Richard Rhys O’Brien’s more aggressive commentary songs to date – from his new, third and innovative album Sense in our brains. In an era of migrating peoples the sooner we stop trying to slam protective doors in a belief that it’s nothing to do with […]

Berenice Scott bewitches with piano-pop single ‘Walls Cave in’

Born in Paris, France but now based in London, Berenice Scott is the talented product of a truly bohemian upbringing. After travelling the world with artistic parents – a French mother and British father – drinking in a host of musical influences to inform her own writing, her chamber-pop songs are a thoughtful mix of […]

The Mcooleys – Empty Blue Skies

  Glitter or Litter? Litter and Tattoos Review: This rock band have  produced a sparkling track, however to say that it is glitter may undermine its darker, cooler image. So you can listen to this masterpiece of music but don’t expect it to glisten. Let us hear your thoughts in the comments.   http://www.themcooleys.com/ https://www.facebook.com/EmptyBlueSkies?ref=hl […]

Part 2 EP from Punk Rock band!

  Glitter or Litter? Glitter disguised as litter Review: This glistening EP from Soulost, has a fluid quality that takes you through its dark and twisted alleyways of emotion  and cold hard isolation; only to leave you feeling fulfilled and hopeful for your own future. Its got great vocals from the bands lead singer and a […]