‘Echoes of My Mind’ from Corinna Jane

Corinna Jane is back with her new single ‘Echoes of My Mind’ which picks up where she left off with her last single, ‘Three Faces of You’.

Corinna has never been afraid of being herself, crafting her own unique brand of piano driven alternative rock, yet ‘Echoes of My Mind’ takes on a much more relaxed pop-ballad style. The keen actress, model and radio presenter has a quirky style and personality, which has led to her receiving airplay on the likes of BBC Radio 6, Amazing Radio and BBC Introducing and making the top 5 solo artists at the Rock The House Competition.

‘Echoes Of My Mind’ is a song that opens itself up to a number of interpretations, but it really is a song that deals universally with grief. For Corinna, it was the grief she experienced through the end of a relationship, but for others, it has touched them in a more profound way, such as the death of a loved one. It’s a haunting song that talks about those flashbacks that enter your mind in quite an unannounced and even intrusive way, which bring back a sense of bitter sweet longing, but simultaneously uncovers the pain that you’ve tried to bury.

‘Echoes of My Mind’ is a beautifully crafted track, built on the basis of simple songwriting, as opposed to over-complicating the process and this is the kind of songwriting that will see Corinna become a big name in the near future. Watch this space.






‘Palm Reader’ by Anna Madsen

The talented singer-songwriter Anna Madsen is no newcomer to the music industry having already released her debut album, but now she is back with with her sophomore effort, Whisper, which picks up where she left off.

Anna has developed a unique style of pop that fuses elements of electronic, orchestral and alternative styles that make for a captivating listen. ‘Palm Reader’ is one of her tracks that encapsulates this musical aesthetic and the video that accompanies it is a gripping watch if nothing else with a truly engaging story line- you won’t be able to take your eyes off it (or your ears, for that matter).

Having previously been part of the Mormon faith, Anna finds a lot of inspiration from this part of her life, although she is no longer active in the church. She acknowledges that it formed a key part of her personality and within these personalities, Anna believes that they reflect equally the dark and light within all of us; something she tries to depict in her songs.

Her new album, which was released in March of this year, attempts to balance this antagonism between light and dark and to support it, Anna is heading out on tour- check out her dates below:

Tour dates:

20 April – James Whale show, Talk Radio, London, England

21 April – Pontardawe Arts Centre, Pontardawe, Wales

22 April – The Citadel, St Helens, England

23 April – The Acoustic Folk Highway @ the Harrison, London, England

27 April – BBC Club Sessions, London, England

29 April – Fat Pigeon Live @ The Studio, Nantwich, Cheshire, England

01 May – Barcelona City Radio, Barcelona, Spain

03 May – XXIII Guitarras, Barcelona, Spain

06 May – O2 Academy Islington, London, England

07 May – BBC Radio 2 Good Morning Sunday







New Girl Group The Truebelles Release ‘Mister Nobody’

With an agenda of female empowerment at the heart of what they do, new girl group, The Truebelles, are putting their stamp on the pop music industry with the new single ‘Mister Nobody’.

Consisting of Lorenna, Grace and Tallulah, The Truebelles are all songwriters in their own right, but they have joined forces with their wealth of experience in a variety of musical styles to form the pop-trio.

Lorenna has a multi-media background, having performed with The Time Frequency, a Scottish techno-dance group, and on top of this, she has even provided additional voicing for Margot Robbie in the latest Tarzan film.

Grace on the other hand, has been hooked on music ever since she saw Queen performing on TV when she was 2 and has gone on to gig regularly, as well as write a song with Nate Watts, Stevie Wonder’s bass player.

Finally, Tallulah is equally multi-faceted, currently appearing on the latest series of Britain’s Next Top Model. She also has an undeniable talent for painting, but in terms of music, she takes on a more folk-esque singer- songwriter style.

With such a wide range of experience, it’s evident that The Truebelles are not going to be your standard pop group, and we can’t wait to see where it takes them!





‘I Need An Answer’ by Stunnah Gee and Kymo Kingin

‘I Need An Answer’ is the beautifully crafted new single from collaborative duo, Stunnah Gee and Kymo Kingin. With a reputation as a quality afrobeat artist, Stunnah Gee has combined his talents with that of  Kymo, an R&B legend in Nigeria.

The single, taken from the EP Nipples, aims to raise awareness for breast cancer, both female and male, the latter being a subject that is rarely discussed or addressed. When asked about the title of their EP and why they chose that name, the reply was simply: ‘Just so you can be curious enough to ask that question’.

Stunnah and Kymo empower a contemporary R&B sound that takes influence from pop hooks too, making their music highly listenable and accessible. Listeners will immediately draw comparisons vocally with R&B icon, Usher, a compliment to the songwriting skills and musicianship of Stunnah and Kymo.

Produced by T-Izze, Nipples is a well-crafted collection of songs that is made all the more powerful with its agenda for raising awareness of a good cause.

10% of the Nipples EP sales revenue will be donated to breast cancer patients unable to afford treatments and organizations trying to find a cure for the disease.

Listen and buy the EP here:



And you can find out more on Stunnah Gee and Kymo Kingin here:







Pimlican’s ‘Runaw’y’

The collaborative group Pimlican have returned after releasing ‘B’ck 4 More/ P’lya’ with their storming new single, ‘Runaw’y’.

Combining an all-encapsulating mix of R&B, pop, hip-hop and rap, Pimlican join the forces of a wide range of musicians to form their unique style.

With super-catchy hooks and colourful instrumentation, Pimlican has earned airplay on BBC Radio 6 with Tom Robinson, BBC introducing and BBC Radio Leeds.

Having set up his own record label, Belgrave Road records, Pimlican’s ethos of collaborating with other musicians is an innovative idea: as long as new  musicians can contribute and bring something new to the line up, they are free to have a place in the group.







KADI aims to empower women with latest single ‘Turn You On’

From working alongside artists such as Moorish Delta 7, producers like Baby J and supporting Omar, KADI changes the game with ‘Turn You On’. The female rapper creates music with a message, fusing RnB, hip hop and pop. KADI aims to push a new movement of keeping the music industry sexy yet classy, using ‘Turn You On’ to portray that message.

Inspired by Lauren Hill’s flow and sophisticated style, KADI’s aim to empower women by be completely herself shines through in ‘Turn You On’. She believes the industry in general shows that “having a big ass or showing your breasts gets you attention” but she wants to succeed by being only herself. ‘Turn You On’ was based on when KADI lived in NYC and most of the producers told her she had to be sexual to get far but she believes she can “turn people on with my clothes on”.


Apachelux return with ‘Waiting For The Red Light’

Having made a hit with their debut single, ‘This Time’, which managed to gain airplay across 30 radio stations, Apachelux are back with  the new single ‘Waiting For the Red Light.’ The group also received strong support from The Times for their track ‘Only When You’re Lonely’, listing it as one of their essential tracks of 2015.

The band are influenced by a diverse range of artists including Maya Jane Coles, Royal Blood and even Girls Aloud. With an eclectic style that straddles a number of styles, Apachelux have an affinity for creating those ‘dancefloor moments’.

Apachelux is the musical vehicle of Jay Wigmore and Louisa Strachan who are based in Southend-on-Sea. It may come as a surprise to many, but Southend is currently building a reputation as a hive of musical activity and is home to an increasing number of up and coming artists such as Nothing But Thieves, Asylums and Youthclub.

‘Waiting For The Red Light’ was recorded in the band’s home studio, but mized and mastered by John Webber at Air studios.

The new single isn’t out until 7th April, but you can listen to some of Apachelux’s previous work here on SoundCloud:

Find out more on Apachelux here:







Tsunami Section’s Infectious ‘Keep My Spinning Wheel’

‘Keep My Spinning Wheel’ is the brand new, uber-catchy pop single from duo, Tsunami Section. Made up of Indian born Felician Singson and Italian born Anna Chiara, Tsunami Section create an infectious brand of pop music that will appeal to any ears.

The new single explores some big ideas including life’s journey and the theme of karma, but whilst karma can often have negative connotations, the duo look to the bright side addressing the notion that whatever life throws at you, there will always be another chance.

The track takes the best parts of retro-disco music and combines it with a beat that is sure to get you up and onto the dance floor. Combating the typical contemporary pop sound  with their throwback sound, Tsunami Section are certain to appeal to a wide range of music lovers- especially if you like your music with catchy hooks!

The duo have toured and gigged in over 100 venues, performing in locations such as Mizoram, Delhi and Gugaon. In the past Chiara released a solo LP where she worked with London producer David Ezra.

‘Keep My Singing Wheel’ is set for release March 17th.




Marilyn Carino’s New Electro-Driven Album

Long-time activist and Brooklyn-based Buddhist, Marilyn Carino, is releasing her second solo album Leaves, Sadness, Science after previously having shared stages with Black Star and David Byrne. The new album also features the talents of Mike Mills, the bassist from R.E.M.

Leaves, Sadness, Science presents a unique amalgamation of electronic vibes, married with brief elements of hip-hop and even soul. However, the driving force behind the songs is without a doubt Marilyn’s voice which exhibits an extraordinary range. Her vocals have been labelled as ‘smoldering‘ and ‘powerful to the point of bringing you to tears‘ which only goes part-way in describing what Carino is capable of.

Carino recorded, mixed and performed the entire album herself, ending up with a powerful and genre-challenging collection of head-space grooves formed from deep synths and stark beats. As a Buddhist, Marilyn claims that this is the force that turns her songs into graphic internal monologues, exploring themes of self-expression and sexuality.

Marilyn’s first album was recorded at folk legend Neil Young’ studio with Crazy Horse bassist, Billy Talbot, playing producer. After this, she voyaged to London without a return ticket and ended up staying for a year working in various recording studios. Upon her return to the US, Marilyn founded the group Mudville, whose vintage-electro sound earned them the best song award at the 2008 Independent Music Awards for ‘Wicked’. Little Genius, her first album as a solo artist was released in 2011 and since then, Marilyn has not looked back as she pioneers the way in alternative electronic music.