Award-winning Italian composer Ferdinando Arnò engineers impressive ambient masterpiece, Music for Radura

Fusing elements of ambient, classical and jazz, this five-song collection of tone poems sees Italian composer Ferdinando Arnò teaming up with an eclectic and acclaimed ensemble of musicians to create a truly otherworldly sonic experience.  Inspired by an Italian sound installation, Radura, based in the Cortile della Farmacia of Ca’ Granda in Milan, which was […]

Ronoc- Battling on

  Ronoc an artist who has a clear vision of his ambitions, beyond that he is an exceptional songwriter and uses his art to help others. Having raised money with his new single ‘Battling On’ for local charities in Loughborough at the end of last year, the singer is now re-releasing his heartfelt single for […]

Indie-folk darlings ‘Tinpan Orange’ release album ‘Love Is A Dog’

Their fifth album ‘Love is a Dog’ with it’s razor-sharp melodies was most recently lauded “a strikingly assured album” by Rolling Stone Magazine. A bit of gorgeous sounding glitter here… “Making for a strikingly assured album, the deep dives into heart-sleeved honesty equally matched by the cinematic stretches of detailed, string arrangements and brooding folk-pop […]

Singer-Songwriters Vidal & Curma on ‘Another Plane’ With New EP

This one’s definitely glitter!! Currently splitting time between their Northern Italian hometown of Padova and the UK’s capital, songwriters Vidal & Curma are a duo making a name for themselves on the London circuit. Playing in some of the most prestigious independent music venues in the city, their reputation has already won them a residency […]