Rosie O’Sullivan’s New Soul Album

If you think you’ve heard the name Rosie O’Sullivan before, then you might know her from Britain’s Got Talent 2013 where she manged to reach the semi-finals with her stunning vocal capabilities. However, since then, Rosie has lost 16.5 stone and is back with a new style of soul music for her upcoming album.

Gaining influences from her family and relationships, Rosie found her own experiences in life inspire her music most. The album is based around relationships and experiences in her life that have happened over the past few years, but ‘No One’ follows the story of true love between Rosie’s mum and dad that she is lucky to see every day.

There is some truly honest songwriting coming from Rosie’s new music, but her voice is the real star of the show. Her vocals are wide ranging, touching from gentle whispers all the way to powerful and emotive roars; she is a genuinely gifted singer. Her latest set of songs show a side of her voice that can be compared to the likes of Rumer and even soul legend, Sade.

Having grown up with sounds of Motown, Soul and the vibrant style of the sixties, Rosie immersed herself in the unique energy of the music, which has naturally lingered into her own. By the age of eleven Rosie could play both the piano and saxophone and continued to blossom as an artist. She began singing alongside The National Youth Choirs of Great Britain in the 2011 and 2012 BBC Proms and then gained a Bachelor of Music Performance Degree at the London College of Music.

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Jodie H. Dunn’s ‘I Belong In Hell’

Whilst the name of Jodie H. Dunn’s first professionally produced track might sound a little intimidating, there is a beauty and quality of production to the track that promises big things for the young singer songwriter.

For a long time, Jodie had been writing soulful, introspective songs in the comfort of her own home, using a simple keyboard as a writing tool, but now she has teamed up with Andy Whitmore at Greystoke studios to create a more finished product to ‘I Belong In Hell’.

The song is supposedly based on the notion of someone vindictively controlling you at your lowest point; a unique perspective and subject topic for a singer of Jodie’s age. However, she has found inspiration for her songs through her experiences of being bullied during her school years. At points, it was a pressing issue that forced Jodie to move schools, but she is all the better for it using these difficult times to fuel her true passion of singing and songwriting.

With a wide range of musical influences including Frank Ocean, Jhene Aiko and even UB40, Jodie is a supremely talented young singer who you should certainly be keeping your eye on in the near future.


‘Tennessee’ by INJIN

The mysterious musician, INJIN, feels that music has lost its personal touch in recent decades and so he is combatting that with his latest release, ‘Tennessee’, that recalls the best sounds of the 80s.

This is not to say that INJIN is simply a musician of nostalgia though; instead, he has taken the best parts of the music he loves and joined them in partnership with his wealth of experience as a songwriter.

Speaking of songwriting, INJIN’s life story has provided him with quality material for forming his songs. At the age of just seven, INJIN stopped growing: In his teens he was 3’11, meaning he suffered from constant bullying, but fortunately, he was one of seven chosen in the UK to have a breakthrough medical growth treatment tested on him. After a painful task, he began to grow and felt a major change in himself that is reflected in his music.

I N J I N’s difficult past gave him knowledge and experience and soon grew in confidence to push musical boundaries in re-arranging songs from the likes of Pink Floyd, Ten Years After and Deep Purple with his cover band Ruby Spoon. I N J I N took the name Ruby Spoon to America where his strong vocals made him stand out from the crowd.

Exploring different moods with an 80s-esque aesthetic, Tennessee has a mystical haunting sound, marrying pacific wind instruments with electric guitars, synths and INJIN’s distinct and powerful vocals.



Glitter: Adam Lanceley’s ‘Those Rose Tinted Days’

Upbeat and catchy, Adam Lanceley’s latest single  ‘Those Rose Tinted Days’ is successfully injecting some sunshine into the gloomy winter weather!

Although Adam’s musical style is difficult to pin down due to his use of unconventional instrumentation and old-skool recording methods, he takes inspiration from an eclectic range of artists including The Beach Boys, REM, Roy Orbison and even the Rolling Stones.

‘Those Rose Tinted Days’ is a powerful, reminiscent anthem driven by sun-drenched guitar riffs and backed up with Adam’s punchy vocal stylings that reflect his honest and considered song writing process. When it comes to lyrical inspiration, Adam’s mantra ‘as long as it means something to you’ makes itself evident through contemplative topics and cryptic poetics.

Listen to the glittering track here: 



Glitter: Kehlani – Distraction

Kehlani is down to be a Distraction in her latest video, the Say My Name inspired videos is full of bright colours and Kehlani nicknamed Baelani after her London show last week – Very jealous I wasn’t there, but was updated throughout the night thanks to Snapchat.


She is gearing up to release her SSS album early next year and I can’t wait to see what the RnB songstress has in store for us all.

Chey’s ‘Dirty Love’

Welsh small-town singer songwriter Chey is sure to make waves on this year’s music scene with her stunningly beautiful vocals on ‘Dirty Love’.

Produced by the renowned David Ezra, who has worked with X-Factor stars, Reggie and Bollie, ‘Dirty Love’ tells the story of a love affair where the woman is in complete control. Chey notes that ‘I wanted this song to emphasise the power of a woman, and how she uses her sexuality to get what she wants’.

Deep, dark and sultry, the track is a masterpiece of songwriting and Chey’s vocals fit the bill perfectly. Her vocal qualities are like nothing we hear in popular music these days, in fact, they have a particularly 90s alternative-pop edge to them. Whilst she whispers gently throughout the verses, Chey’s voice breaks out during the chorus demonstrating her wide vocal range.

Diversifying the music industry and creating an individual blend of styles, Chey certainly does not take a shy approach. “Dirty Love was written in the heat of the moment, having feelings about someone else can sometimes be the trigger you need to move on from the relationship you’re in. I recorded the vocals the same day it was written to reflect the emotion I was feeling at that time. I wanted the single to be raw and edgy and convey as much passion as possible.”

The single is out January 20th 2017.


Facebook: /OfficialCheyMusic

Twitter: @officialchey1

Instagram: officialcheymusic

Glitter: G-Eazy Ft Danny Seth – Bone Marrow


New G-Eazy ft Danny Seth Bone Marrow.

An upbeat MDS produced track that shows of G-Eazy‘s slick and lyrical wordplay with Bone Marrow giving the meaning of ‘Being Bad To The Bone’.

G-Eazy has been on a bit of a roll recently dishing out feature here there and everywhere, he has now gone back to his roots and offers a real hip-hop track to his true fans.

I really rate this track and give it a glitter rating.

Track Review: ‘Pirate’ by Jvgg Spvrro

You might not have heard of Jvgg Spvrrow yet, but his latest track ‘Pirate’ is sure to put him, as well as his home, the island of St. Martin, on the map.

Hailing from the small island in the Caribbean, Jvgg is proving that good hip-hop doesn’t have to originate from the big American cities like Los Angeles or New York.

With a style like no other, Jvgg is a ‘Pirate’ by name and by nature and his music exhibits a similar attitude.

‘Pirate’ is quite clearly a well crafted track, with the content to match. The lyrics, all written by Jvgg, address a similar subject matter to what you might expect from most hip-hop tracks, but they are delivered with such conviction and and edge that you instantly know you are listening to some thing special.

The beat has a certain groove to it that would sound perfectly at home in the club and Jvgg also uses deep, resonating pitch shifts throughout the song which make for something a little different.

Not only this, but the quality of the video accompanying ‘Pirate’ is highly professional. We see Jvgg strolling through various rooms, participating in glamorous photo shoots and generally doing as he pleases, all under a slightly unnerving red tinted light. The confidence of this young rapper is evident and watching the video only backs up his stature as an up and coming artist.

Jvgg takes influence from the likes of Young Thug, Gucci Mane, Asap Rocky and Vybz Kartel, so if he sounds up your street, have a listen and take it all in.

For more on Jvgg Spvrrow, check him out here: