Live review: Furnace and the Fundamentals at The Portland Arms, Cambridge


I don’t think Cambridge was really quite prepared for what they were getting when Portland Arms, one of the city’s premier live venue, booked in ‘Furnace and the Fundamentals’.
What they got was a surprising showcase of versatility, charisma and talent, a cover band that knocks away any faulty reputation towards the sub genre. There’s no strict rules for the songs they choose, snatching from multiple decades with picks including ‘Billie Jean’, ‘Blurred Lines’ ‘You can call me Al’ and many more. They deliver an energy and vibes that can’t be denied as beautiful in a crowd of stiff, hard to warm audience members.

The show up started off modest, but as the night powered on, so did the people, with more hearing the buzz and taking the effort to give the band a chance. Their efforts were not in vain, as they soon realized the Portland Arms could barely contain
such an act, despite not playing original content. The sing along, interactive dancing atmosphere gained a stellar night of fun for everyone across the board thanks to the Aussie show-offs.

Drummer Mike Solo really stood out with his tight transitions and cross-handed drumming along with other antics, and Lachlan Nicholson produced an outstanding keytar solo, to list a few highlights.

The 6-piece tomfoolery squad geared up for a non-stop night of pure lightning, never requiring a break for being on a rapid wildfire, showing Cambridge that ‘this’ is what an iconic cover band looks and sounds like.

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