Jack Chantler Sheds the ‘Shell Suit’ of Kingskin to emerge as Short Sharp Scratch!


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Leaving his rock music roots Jak Chantler, who was formerly the Guitarist of grunge-alt band Kingskin (recipients of the Kerrang’s ‘best unsigned band’ accolade), has decided to delve into a new genre: Soul.

The 15th of September marks the release of Chantler’s highly anticipated debut single ‘Shell Suit’, featuring the smooth vocals of Izzy Warner. Jak’s musical experience, expertise and talent all shine through in this soulful throwback track. Shell Suit’s mellow but funky sounds beautifully juxtapose each other and whilst its funky vibes are reminiscent of Chaka Khan whilst it’s modern edge definitely draws influence of the captivating indie girl band Haim.

There is no doubt that Shell Suit is destined for hugely success considering Chantler’s immensely successful career during which he has worked with and preformed for the likes of Charlie Andrews (Alt J) as well as James Corden and Gordon Ramsey.

Jak, being the ultimate combination of songwriter and producer, is acutely aware of the current and ever changing trends of music today. Shell Suit, marks the beginning of Jak’s latest musical venture, which is filled with an inexhaustible number of possibilities. Jak is striving to meet the demands of the savvy contemporary listener as he works towards creating era-defying positive tunes, of which Shell Suit is definitely one.

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