Luna Blue and their new EP ‘Nightjar’

Luna blue artwok 2

Luna Blue, a rock and indie band born in Chichester in 2015, and now thriving in Brighton, are getting ready to release their new EP, ‘Nightjar’. The funky EP, featuring 6 completely new tracks, is set to be released on the 25th August, so be ready to indulge in Luna Blue’s funk infused ambient rock hits.

The spectacular band consists of members Tom High on rhythm guitar and vocals, Ryan Wellman on lead guitar, Seb Bowen on the drums, and Nick Davie on bass and vocals, together creating the perfect, original music to enjoy with ease, showing off their incredible guitar solos, rich beat and catchy vocal melodies.

Luna Blue’s influences include indie favourites Foals, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Don Broco, Jeff Buckley, Jimi Hendrix and plenty more, hence making their totally unique alternative rock tracks. Their strong music has even helped them achieve their university’s ‘Ensemble of the Year ‘award, which saw them triumph over 80 other talented bands and ensembles of a large variety of styles.

After this achievement, Luna Blue quickly released their demo EP in 2016, which is available to listen to on their website linked down below, along with their brand new EP, ‘Nightjar’, which is available to pre-order now.


To check out Luna Blue and their fantastic new EP, ‘Nightjar’, click the links down below…

YouTube –



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