‘Life With Ivy’ by Calista Kazuko

calista 1.jpg

‘Life with Ivy’ is Calista Kazuko’s latest single, fromher brand new EP, Project: Love me, which she has dubbed “my first proper EP” since it’s the “first thing I’ve done where I feel I’m really being me”. This sense of true self-expression really shines through in this emotional and raw musical piece. ‘Life With Ivy’ sees Calista craft a master piece with just a grand piano and her poignant voice.

Those of you familiar with Calista are bound to find that ‘Life With Ivy’ is the polar opposite of Calista’s first single Poison. It peels back her tough exterior and unveils another more vulnerable layer of her complex musical persona as she continues to grow as an artist. ‘Life With Ivy’ further works to define the new musical genre Calista, the macabre princess, is carving out – she has dubbed it pop-noir.

The video that accompanies ‘Life With Ivy’ was filmed in a historical West London Mansion and solely focuses on Calista and her piano. It’s part of a mini-series of dramatic featurettes titled “At Home With Calista Kazuko” giving fans a more intimate glimpse of the musician, which is only increased by the music, recorded in one live take, demonstrating Calista’s vocal elegance.

Calista’s flawless way with grand piano combined with her lyrical story-telling fully immerses you, leaving you emotionally exposed and thrilled a long time after she plays the final notes.

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