‘Lamba’ By Bimbi

Bimbi’s latest single Lamba is out now!

This happy and catchy song is beat heavy, and its energy is only heightened by Bimbi’s lively vocals. Lamba combines various instruments, but the bassline is the songs most notable instrumental feature.

Lamba combines house music with afro-beats, however Bimbi’s custom of combining genres isn’t limited to house, Bimbi had created a unique musical niche combining various genres with afro-beats such as Dancehall, soca, EDM and more.

During the creation process Bimbi has drawn inspiration from a variety of sources including Fela Kuti and the R&B Duo P-Square. He continues to entice wide audiences by infusing his music with EDM rhythms that recall the likes of Major Laser, DJ Snake and David Guetta, so any fans of these guys (and judging by their chart presence there’s a lot of you) are bound to enjoy Bimbi’s sound.

Bimbi leads a double life. He can’t help projecting some Clark Kent vibes, since from nine to five he assumes the role of I.T assistant but after five resumes his role as a blossoming and vibrant musician. Bimbi, again like Superman, wants to use his powers for good. His musical objective is as commendable as they get: he wishes to entertain audiences from all over the world with mind blowing musical experiences they will never forget.

If you want your mind blown, click here:










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