J.J Leone’s ‘With You’

Attention soul and R&B fans, if you haven’t heard J.J Leone’s With You then you’re missing out!

J.J’s latest single is a mesh of soul and pop music with an R&B edge. He blends these multiple genre’s together seamlessly with his warm and soulful vocals, that previously saw him tour Barcelona at only 15!

The Northampton born singer-songwriter has dealt with his fair share of road blocks on his journey to becoming a successful recording artist. Despite becoming homeless for six months J.J lifted himself from adversity through sheer determination and devotion to his music. Admirably, J.J busked daily, for long hours. Eventually he managed to save enough money to remove himself from the streets and start afresh, which is a testament to his commitment as a musician.

J.J oozes talent. He can play a variety of instruments, and whilst the guitar remains his favourite choice, he also plays the Bass, Drums and many others, all of which he taught himself to play! His understanding of/connection to so many instruments allows him to take a more in depth, fluid and experimental approach to song writing. With You is a track led by J.J’s go-to choice: the acoustic guitar, however J.J includes a variety of instruments to create a rich and calming melody.

Coming from a travelling showground family it’s not surprising that J.J oozes talent, yet whilst undoubtedly he is a natural talent, J.J has worked extremely hard to establish himself in the industry and get to where he is today.

Links to J.J’s music and social media:



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