A ‘Mouth Like That’ Is Bound To Make An Impact


ciirxus street

Ciircus Street is an indie-pop duo who came to fruition in Oxford, London. Consisting of Sam Brett and Jim Crowder, Ciircus Street offers the UK music scene something new and exciting with their debut single Mouth Like That,which drops July 14th.

Lyrically, Mouth Like That is relatable and punchy. We’re all familiar with the notion of there being “two sides to every story” and Mouth Like That explores the idea of people being held karmically responsible for their dishonesty.

Sure, a certain darkness could be seen in the focus of the lyrics but Mouth Like That’s upbeat presentation breeds an undeniable vitality, which shines through in every aspect of the song. Its steady and engaging rhythm carries you throughout, so much so that it’s impossible not to bop along. The more enthusiastic of you may even find yourselves miming epic air guitar solos alongside the acoustic guitar, which is the main instrumental feature on the track.

Jim’s softer vocals completely contrast with Sam’s bolder, more gravelly ones. Not only does this contrast highlight the distinctiveness of each of their voices individually, it emphasises the duos unique and powerful musical dynamic, most notably through the seamless harmonies they produce.

Ciircus Street’s new, original and exciting sound is bound to make a big impression on the UK music scene and I for one can’t wait to see what else this duo will produce.


Mouth Like That – Acoustic Version:










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