Music Theory: ‘Down The Aisle’

If mainstream pop is your thing, which there’s a strong chance it could be (that’s why they call it ‘pop’ music), then make sure to check out ‘Down the Aisle’, the new single from Egyptian artist, Music Theory.

Influenced by classic pop performers like Michael Jackson, Usher, Maroon 5 and The Beatles, Music Theory takes his inspiration from the best which certainly has an impact on the music he writes.

One thing that all these artists have in common is their ability to write unbelievably catchy, simple songs and this is an approach to song writing that Music Theory empowers more than anything else.

Hailing from Egypt, Music Theory notes that most of the music he is surrounded by is sung in Arabic, making it difficult for English speaking songs to find a place, yet the ambitious artist has inadvertently found a niche with his brand of pop. Growing up, Music Theory was a shy character, but he found that the therapeutic platform of music allowed him to release his thoughts and dreams.

‘Down The Aisle’ was mixed by Bob Horn (Usher/Akon) and was mastered by Tom Coyne (Adele/Taylor Swift).





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