The return of the soul-man: Les Kirsh

It’s been a long time since Les Kirsh’s time in the sun, back in the 70s when he almost became the next big name in soul music. If it wasn’t for a car crash in 1974, we may well have had his records across our shelves, but fate was cruel to the talented songwriter.

And that’s exactly what Les is: a songwriter. Over the years, he has dabbled in all sorts of style from pop to reggae, but his love for soul music has never faded. As a result, after his son discovered some old recordings of Les’ in the family home and urged him to pick up his career where he left off, Les is now back with 3 re-mastered tracks from his glory days, updated for the modern day.

With the help of famed producer Andy Whitmore, Les’ tracks ‘Say’, ‘Tell Me To My Face’ and ‘La La La’ have been transformed into three unique sounding songs, all with their own individual style. ‘Say’ is an out and out soul track, whilst ‘Tell Me To My Face’ takes inspiration from both pop and rock, and ‘La La La’ employs a bouncing afro-style beat.

If you appreciate those kind of artists who are talented enough to write in number of different styles, then be sure to give Les Kirsh a try. You’ll be bopping along before you know it.

Find out more on Les Kirsh here:


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