Shannon K returns with ‘Perpetual’

Pop music hasn’t had a real emerging star in a while now, but Indian songstress Shannon K is set to change that with her latest album, Perpetual.

The 15 year old singer-songwriter is talented beyond her years having already found success with her previous hits ‘Roll Back The Years’, ‘Sapphire’ and ‘Just Another Boy’ which earned her the title of the youngest ever ‘artist of the week’ on BBC Asian Network Radio. However, it’s no more than you would expect from someone who is the daughter of a famous Bollywood singer. Shannon’s father, Kumar Sanu is a big name in the industry and a a Bollywood icon, so it’s natural that she would inherit his talent. In fact, it was at one of Kumar’s concerts that Shannon made her first appearance on stage, performing a traditional ‘Kathak’ dance.

Although she is still young, Shannon seems to have found a plethora of material from which to form her songs from her life experiences and Perpetual encapsulates these perfectly, displaying a highly emotional and self-reflective piece of work.

‘Lately’ is a super catchy pop-banger that certainly wouldn’t sound out of place on the big radio stations. With a bass driven beat and Shannon’s sweet-sounding vocals, ‘Lately’ provides a highlight on the album.

As well as this, the reverb-soaked ‘Pretty Eyes’ is reminiscent of a certain Mr. Bieber, which is a coincidence considering the song was supposedly inspired by the Canadian superstar.

For fans of quality pop music, Shannon’s Perpetual is not one you’re going to want to miss!



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