‘Echoes of My Mind’ from Corinna Jane

Corinna Jane is back with her new single ‘Echoes of My Mind’ which picks up where she left off with her last single, ‘Three Faces of You’.

Corinna has never been afraid of being herself, crafting her own unique brand of piano driven alternative rock, yet ‘Echoes of My Mind’ takes on a much more relaxed pop-ballad style. The keen actress, model and radio presenter has a quirky style and personality, which has led to her receiving airplay on the likes of BBC Radio 6, Amazing Radio and BBC Introducing and making the top 5 solo artists at the Rock The House Competition.

‘Echoes Of My Mind’ is a song that opens itself up to a number of interpretations, but it really is a song that deals universally with grief. For Corinna, it was the grief she experienced through the end of a relationship, but for others, it has touched them in a more profound way, such as the death of a loved one. It’s a haunting song that talks about those flashbacks that enter your mind in quite an unannounced and even intrusive way, which bring back a sense of bitter sweet longing, but simultaneously uncovers the pain that you’ve tried to bury.

‘Echoes of My Mind’ is a beautifully crafted track, built on the basis of simple songwriting, as opposed to over-complicating the process and this is the kind of songwriting that will see Corinna become a big name in the near future. Watch this space.







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