New Girl Group The Truebelles Release ‘Mister Nobody’

With an agenda of female empowerment at the heart of what they do, new girl group, The Truebelles, are putting their stamp on the pop music industry with the new single ‘Mister Nobody’.

Consisting of Lorenna, Grace and Tallulah, The Truebelles are all songwriters in their own right, but they have joined forces with their wealth of experience in a variety of musical styles to form the pop-trio.

Lorenna has a multi-media background, having performed with The Time Frequency, a Scottish techno-dance group, and on top of this, she has even provided additional voicing for Margot Robbie in the latest Tarzan film.

Grace on the other hand, has been hooked on music ever since she saw Queen performing on TV when she was 2 and has gone on to gig regularly, as well as write a song with Nate Watts, Stevie Wonder’s bass player.

Finally, Tallulah is equally multi-faceted, currently appearing on the latest series of Britain’s Next Top Model. She also has an undeniable talent for painting, but in terms of music, she takes on a more folk-esque singer- songwriter style.

With such a wide range of experience, it’s evident that The Truebelles are not going to be your standard pop group, and we can’t wait to see where it takes them!



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