‘I Need An Answer’ by Stunnah Gee and Kymo Kingin

‘I Need An Answer’ is the beautifully crafted new single from collaborative duo, Stunnah Gee and Kymo Kingin. With a reputation as a quality afrobeat artist, Stunnah Gee has combined his talents with that of  Kymo, an R&B legend in Nigeria.

The single, taken from the EP Nipples, aims to raise awareness for breast cancer, both female and male, the latter being a subject that is rarely discussed or addressed. When asked about the title of their EP and why they chose that name, the reply was simply: ‘Just so you can be curious enough to ask that question’.

Stunnah and Kymo empower a contemporary R&B sound that takes influence from pop hooks too, making their music highly listenable and accessible. Listeners will immediately draw comparisons vocally with R&B icon, Usher, a compliment to the songwriting skills and musicianship of Stunnah and Kymo.

Produced by T-Izze, Nipples is a well-crafted collection of songs that is made all the more powerful with its agenda for raising awareness of a good cause.

10% of the Nipples EP sales revenue will be donated to breast cancer patients unable to afford treatments and organizations trying to find a cure for the disease.

Listen and buy the EP here:



And you can find out more on Stunnah Gee and Kymo Kingin here:








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