Marilyn Carino’s New Electro-Driven Album

Long-time activist and Brooklyn-based Buddhist, Marilyn Carino, is releasing her second solo album Leaves, Sadness, Science after previously having shared stages with Black Star and David Byrne. The new album also features the talents of Mike Mills, the bassist from R.E.M.

Leaves, Sadness, Science presents a unique amalgamation of electronic vibes, married with brief elements of hip-hop and even soul. However, the driving force behind the songs is without a doubt Marilyn’s voice which exhibits an extraordinary range. Her vocals have been labelled as ‘smoldering‘ and ‘powerful to the point of bringing you to tears‘ which only goes part-way in describing what Carino is capable of.

Carino recorded, mixed and performed the entire album herself, ending up with a powerful and genre-challenging collection of head-space grooves formed from deep synths and stark beats. As a Buddhist, Marilyn claims that this is the force that turns her songs into graphic internal monologues, exploring themes of self-expression and sexuality.

Marilyn’s first album was recorded at folk legend Neil Young’ studio with Crazy Horse bassist, Billy Talbot, playing producer. After this, she voyaged to London without a return ticket and ended up staying for a year working in various recording studios. Upon her return to the US, Marilyn founded the group Mudville, whose vintage-electro sound earned them the best song award at the 2008 Independent Music Awards for ‘Wicked’. Little Genius, her first album as a solo artist was released in 2011 and since then, Marilyn has not looked back as she pioneers the way in alternative electronic music.



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