Jodie H. Dunn’s ‘I Belong In Hell’

Whilst the name of Jodie H. Dunn’s first professionally produced track might sound a little intimidating, there is a beauty and quality of production to the track that promises big things for the young singer songwriter.

For a long time, Jodie had been writing soulful, introspective songs in the comfort of her own home, using a simple keyboard as a writing tool, but now she has teamed up with Andy Whitmore at Greystoke studios to create a more finished product to ‘I Belong In Hell’.

The song is supposedly based on the notion of someone vindictively controlling you at your lowest point; a unique perspective and subject topic for a singer of Jodie’s age. However, she has found inspiration for her songs through her experiences of being bullied during her school years. At points, it was a pressing issue that forced Jodie to move schools, but she is all the better for it using these difficult times to fuel her true passion of singing and songwriting.

With a wide range of musical influences including Frank Ocean, Jhene Aiko and even UB40, Jodie is a supremely talented young singer who you should certainly be keeping your eye on in the near future.



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