‘Tennessee’ by INJIN

The mysterious musician, INJIN, feels that music has lost its personal touch in recent decades and so he is combatting that with his latest release, ‘Tennessee’, that recalls the best sounds of the 80s.

This is not to say that INJIN is simply a musician of nostalgia though; instead, he has taken the best parts of the music he loves and joined them in partnership with his wealth of experience as a songwriter.

Speaking of songwriting, INJIN’s life story has provided him with quality material for forming his songs. At the age of just seven, INJIN stopped growing: In his teens he was 3’11, meaning he suffered from constant bullying, but fortunately, he was one of seven chosen in the UK to have a breakthrough medical growth treatment tested on him. After a painful task, he began to grow and felt a major change in himself that is reflected in his music.

I N J I N’s difficult past gave him knowledge and experience and soon grew in confidence to push musical boundaries in re-arranging songs from the likes of Pink Floyd, Ten Years After and Deep Purple with his cover band Ruby Spoon. I N J I N took the name Ruby Spoon to America where his strong vocals made him stand out from the crowd.

Exploring different moods with an 80s-esque aesthetic, Tennessee has a mystical haunting sound, marrying pacific wind instruments with electric guitars, synths and INJIN’s distinct and powerful vocals.








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