Track Review: ‘Pirate’ by Jvgg Spvrro

You might not have heard of Jvgg Spvrrow yet, but his latest track ‘Pirate’ is sure to put him, as well as his home, the island of St. Martin, on the map.

Hailing from the small island in the Caribbean, Jvgg is proving that good hip-hop doesn’t have to originate from the big American cities like Los Angeles or New York.

With a style like no other, Jvgg is a ‘Pirate’ by name and by nature and his music exhibits a similar attitude.

‘Pirate’ is quite clearly a well crafted track, with the content to match. The lyrics, all written by Jvgg, address a similar subject matter to what you might expect from most hip-hop tracks, but they are delivered with such conviction and and edge that you instantly know you are listening to some thing special.

The beat has a certain groove to it that would sound perfectly at home in the club and Jvgg also uses deep, resonating pitch shifts throughout the song which make for something a little different.

Not only this, but the quality of the video accompanying ‘Pirate’ is highly professional. We see Jvgg strolling through various rooms, participating in glamorous photo shoots and generally doing as he pleases, all under a slightly unnerving red tinted light. The confidence of this young rapper is evident and watching the video only backs up his stature as an up and coming artist.

Jvgg takes influence from the likes of Young Thug, Gucci Mane, Asap Rocky and Vybz Kartel, so if he sounds up your street, have a listen and take it all in.

For more on Jvgg Spvrrow, check him out here:







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