Tangina Stone – Ride Off ft. Crystal Caines


“Ride Off”, the first insight into alt-soul/r&b artist Tangina Stone‘s debut LP ELEVATE, is now available at all digital retailers. Produced by CJ THE GREAT, the track features Harlem rapper and producer Crystal Caines, who also serves as executive producer on the upcoming project. ELEVATE will also include contributions from producers Nokturn and Fouché (part of Grammy nominated, multi-platinum music producer/DJ !llmind’s Roseville Music Group), Nelly Furtado, The SKINS and Hodgy Beats from OFWGKTA.

Escorting in a more visible femme space in r&b, the track was inspired by the passing of Tangina’s fiancée’s father, and speaks openly about the emotional trial it had on her and her fiancée’s relationship. Tangina only speaks in truths, and “Ride Off’’s truth is that sometimes in the thick of life’s greatest tribulations we need space to heal.


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