Review: ‘We All Love Burt Bacharach’

We All Love Burt Bacharach is the pinnacle of tribute albums to the great songwriter, featuring some of the best musicians from around the world. The album consists of 13 classic Bacharach hits reworked into a mix of jazz, swing and funk which make for an original perspective on Burt and his compositional talent.

The album is the brainchild of Giampaolo Pasquile and Michele Garruti who took inspiration from the likes of Michael Buble, Norah Jones and Chet Baker, then employed the talents of the great pianist, Massimo Colombo, to form this unique dedication to Burt Bacharach. In order to escape the cliché jazz album, Colombo has mixed genres in an attempt to reinvent Burt’s music whilst featuring talented musicians such as Peter Erskine (ex drummer of Weather Report), one of the most appreciated double bass players in the world, Darek Oleszkiewicz, AKA ‘Oles’, Bob Mintzer (member of Yellowjackets), Michael Stever, the new ‘White Cat’ and Kathleen Grace, refined folksinger from the West Coast.

One of the best things about the album is the mix of instrumentals which are thrown in with songs with recorded vocals. For example, the classic ‘Close to You’ takes on a smooth jazz feel with a charming trumpet lead replacing the vocals. Also, there is a satisfying rawness to many of the songs, as if they are live recordings, rather than sections pieced together on a computer. ‘Walk on by’ exemplifies this notion perfectly, accompanied by some beautiful vocals too.

Possibly Burt’s most famous track, ‘Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head’, sets the tone on the album for its relaxed easy listening nature that makes it music for all occasions, whether that be having a well deserved evening drink, or even over brunch at the weekend.

On the whole, We All Love Burt Bacharach will help you rediscover the wonders of his music from a new angle and if you weren’t a fan before, you may well be after since there’s something for everyone on this expertly crafted tribute album.

Find out more here and watch the teaser video:





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