Tuffet Bunnies: ‘The Shaving Song’

Clem Darling, the musical pilot behind Tuffet Bunnies has released an EP of love songs for his girlfriend, Love Songs For Scarlett, from which ‘The Shaving Song’ is taken. Each track explains the magical feeling of being in love, representing Darling’s glow, joy and passion not only for his girlfriend, but for his music too.

Whilst Darling describes the songs on the EP as though ‘they’ve been  written by a bunch of gypsies that popped out of the back of a caravan’, ‘The Shaving Song’ exhibits a wonderfully simple piece of easy listening folk that clearly has a lot of emotion backing it up.

A simple two-note bobbing bass line forms the foundation of the song, whilst the guitar gives it that classic folk feel and the violin doodles creatively over the top of it all. Speaking of which, the string section of song is humble and gently melodic, not taking over from the honesty of the lyrics.

Darling’s vocals are soft and sincere, matching the context of the song as well as the overall vibe of the track. Despite this, the song does build up to an extent towards the end as the guitar is struck with more vigour and articulation, demonstrating the emotion that can be expressed just through playing an instrument.

When it comes to candid and genuine songwriting, it appears that darling has mastered the art and so he is definitely worth a listen if you’re into your folk-rock. If you’re looking for a musical comparison, then Tuffet Bunnies are close to the likes of Adam Green (of Moldy Peaches fame) or Joe Purdy.

Check out more on Tuffet Bunnies here:




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