The Northcoast ‘Reach into the Stars’ REVIEW

Brilliant American band The Northcoast are bursting back into the music scene with yet another ear worm of a track ‘Reach Into The Stars’.

Listen to the track on their soundcloud here:

The track is filled to the brim with the bands istantly recognisable edited sound and features the use of synth pads and an interesting use of bass. The track’s sound combined with the lyrics make it the perfect summer track and will be sure to put a smile on your face! The perciussion and the background chords really take me back a few years but also really reminds me of other bands who are out at the moment so it will fit in perfect in todays market!

This new track follows hot on the heels of their previous track ‘With You’ which had a very similar sound. Whilst their songs are filled with similarities, this latest track has great dimension and the change in sounds throughout the track really makes it memorable and great to listen to!

I am sure that once you have taken a listen to this you will want to go and gather up your friends, grab a drink and dance! With no doubt I can say that this track is going to be stuck in your head for days! You will find yourself humming it even when you’re doing the washing up… well I did anyway!

The Northcoast.jpg

Now go take a listen and keep up to date on their social media so you know what they are going to please us with next!




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