Glasgow band, The Echo Session, release track “But I’m Scared”

“GENIUS. Beck does George Formby.” The 405

“really good… a tantalising glimpse of a band who could clearly be absolutely amazing… Must hear more!”
Sophie Carville, Red Hot Velvet


“More than a hint of Ray Davies about the song writing and vocals… like the sharply searching poetry from the early acoustic Kinks. There’s an edge to the vocals that demand attention, while the acute lyrics ask probing questions… If this short single is anything to go by the promised album should be worth a listen.”

The Echo Session are a glaswegian band who are releasing a new single – “But I’m Scared”

Their record label – Flowers In The Dustbin – had this to say about it…

“In 2009 we announced the debut single, ‘Tell Me’ from Glasgow band The Echo Session.  The 405 described it as “GENIUS.  Beck does George Formby.”  A mere seven years later we’re delighted to announce the second single from the band – ‘But I’m Scared’.

It’s fair to say we were excited about signing the band. Our press release at the time said, “To put it simply, we’d compare this to signing The Kinks. Songwriting on a par with Ray Davies, The Pretty Things, The Coral, The La’s.” We still stand by every word of that. And so did a number of reviews.

‘But I’m Scared’ is a live recording from the Echo Session vaults, mastered by Dave Cook.  The single will be available from all the usual digital outlets, including our bandcamp store. ”


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