Netherlands rock duo W.A.L.E release colourful new album ‘Come Together’

WALE pic

Drawing influences from Tom Petty to Bad Company, Netherlands rock duo W.A.L.E champion an colourful classic guitar sound that’s sure to appeal to old-skool rock fans across the globe. The two members Harry de Waij and Joos van Leeuwen formed the band back at the turn of the millenium, and have since toured across the states and earnt a global fanbase, including rock legends as esteemed as Iggy Pop and Jimmy Page.

This 4th project sees the group delivering some grandiose guitar work and anthemic choruses. The tracks are excitingly varied in pace, tracks like ‘On Your Way’ and ‘Taxman’ serving as lively crowd-movers, ‘Take Me Home’ and ‘There’s No Other One Like You’ slowing things down and showing off the band’s ear for emotive melody. ‘Let’s go to the sun’ even incorporates a reggae rhythm and steel drums into the mix.

Overall, there’s a real sense of fun radiating off this album and clear signs of a band at their peak.




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