‘DNA’ By 3 Piece – Beverly Girl

‘ DNA’ is set to drop on November 13th

‘’One of 10 International artists to watch in 2015 -Unsigned & Independent

“…some of the most engaging music to emerge in quite some time.” -Kyle Jarmon, Examiner.com

“…the kind of music punk 80s Madonna could only dream about.” -Tiffany Daniels, DrunkenWereWolf


Beverly Girl were one of the first bands in their area to combine conventional funk elements with dance and house music which sets them apart from the pack. Beverly Girl is not a regular band with a regular set up. How many bands do you know intersperse drum machines with live guitar and keyboards, live choreography and dance moves? The answer is not many.

Dance has always been a massive part of the band with Johanna having experience in choreography and contemporary dance. Beverly Girl frequently invite dancers on stage with them and have DJ’d at dance parties often. With a rich blend of both musical and visual art, Beverly Girl are onto a winning formula.





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