Glitter: Witchingseason release new single ‘The Healer’ this spring

Glitter or litter?

Although glitter isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you listen to the track, this most certainly isn’t litter. A definite glitter.

Witchingseason are a dark alt-rock band based in the UK, and they know how to write music that makes an impression. Not for the faint of heart, their music is a cacophony of heavy guitar riffs, riotous drums and coarse, melodic vocals that are tailor made for rock audiences to shout right back at the band.

Their new single, ‘The Healer’, is the type of rock song that has to be played loud. After releasing their previous EP in November, not only are Witchingseason good at what they do but it is clear they’re hard workers with a real passion for music. Having received praise from, Metal Temple, and Soundscape magazine, Witchingseason are set to make a big impact on the rock industry.

After playing a huge live show at London’s prestigious 100 club, Witchingseason are set to play a gig at renowned rock venue, the Camden Barfly, on July 10th. And more event dates are to follow after the group complete work on the summer album they have planned. These gigs are not to be missed: Witchingseason’s fierce and meaty sound makes for an intense live show.

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